Posted on: May 7, 2012 7:15 pm

Poor Poor ex NFL players.

So, we are told that the NFL finds itself at a crossroad. That the end could be just around the corner. All this comes from the increasing law suits placed against the NFL by former players (even punters are in). Now, I have seen former players from the 60's and 70's being reduced to mere shadows of their former self's. And it is sad, it is. But one thing, above all else is the key to this whole deal. And that is, you can take the horse to the water, but you can't make it drink it. I have zero doubt, zero that if you were to travel back in time, and told each and every single player that is looking for a pay day, I mean is suing the NFL, that if you play football you could end up with major brain injuries, NONE would stop playing. You could name all the side effects of playing football, like a medicine commercial for erectile dysfunction, something like "playing football may cause, short term memory loss, Alzheimer, Parkinson's disease, depression that could lead to suicide, erectile dysfunction, and butt leakage". And yet, all the players would still suit up and go out there. You have Free Will. If you think that is a good idea to jump of a plane, and the parachute doesn't open. That is your fault for taking on that activity. I mean, did they really think that blacking out, and feeling all funny in the head, over, and over again would be okay? Is like all those people that eat McDonald's every day, and then get fat, and then sue McDonald's. Hey, you didn't think that eating a hamburger, and fries every day would be bad for your health? Here is further proof. When the Gregg Williams audio tape came out, all the outrage was over Williams wanting to hurt the player's legs. It didn't bother them that Williams also said more times, he wanted the players to go after the heads of other players, NOPE. The head is fair game, but not the knees man. It is a load of crap. I just saw Jamal Lewis putting on an acting show on ESPN. Pretending that he has short term memory loss. The concussion movement should find a better spokes person. The only thing Jamal Lewis should be speaking about is, the benefits of living in a safety house. Then there was a former Packer, that despite having memory problems, he can ACT IN A PLAY! Wait, I thought you are supposed to memorize lines in a play! He also stated that if you are a player, you have to stay in, otherwise you lose your spot. So, he admits that he would play despite being hurt. He didn't mentioned the team forced him to stay in. It is all a load of crap, pure and simple. I am very much looking forward to watching some NFL this season, oh, and if I had a son, you better believe he would play football if he wanted to.

Also, this whole thing is a lot of the tale wagging the dog. Don't forget that.
Posted on: March 24, 2012 11:31 pm

Buccs, and Falcons thinking outside the box.

You have to give major credit to the Buccs, not only are they having a really great off season, they may be trend setters. But, I guess word got leaked, and now the Falcons too, will employ the tactics the Buccs will use this upcoming season.

After word first came out about the Saints bounty system. The Buccs contacted the local Tampa's SWAT team, to teach them a thing or two about riot control. You see, the Buccs now know that the Saints will be bringing in brass knuckles, Molotov cocktails, and rocks to every game, in hopes of collecting their 30 dollars, and a coupon for Popeye's (Louisiana Fast!) after injuring an opposing player. Now, the Buccs have a better understanding on how to protect themselves against such hooligans.

But even though, the Falcons suck, they too will employ the exact same tactic. You don't want to be left behind when dealing in urban warfare. Falcons veteran (and Aaron Rodger's whipping boy) John Abraham, had the following to say; "We know that we are now dealing with a team, that is going after your livelihood, and really they shouldn't. You can leave Matt Ryan alone all day, and he won't get it done in the playoffs. But that is besides the point. I talked to the O-line, and yo, I gotz dem all mace to carry around, y'all, dig, wat up dawg".

There is a fear in the league, that the opening scene from The Last Boy Scout may breakout in a Saints game. But hey, if you can buy Damon Wayans as a football player. Then, who is to say is a bad idea to be strapping heat when facing the Saints?

*Oh what Saints fan, you loss your sense of humor, along with your Coach, GM, and draft picks?
Posted on: February 25, 2012 8:17 pm

The NBA BLOG!!! M*O*F*O*S!

Stick it to you, and anyone that gets in your way! Blood shall run on the streets like a herd of blind buffaloes! I declare no peace for the ones that stand against progression!

And there is the reason, you don't do coke.

Alright, so is time for an NBA blog, cause I feel that we need to give Jeremy Lin some press. Can the poor guy get any media attention?!

But really, now that the mania has calmed down, I think it is worth exploring a little.

First off, here as the facts that helped make Jeremy Lin the biggest thing since Ricky Martin. One, he played great, he came out of nowhere, was a Harvard grad, and is Asian-American. Not your typical NBA player by any means. But one of the biggest factor in the story was timing.

If you want to have a hit movie, you need 4 key ingredients. Jeremy Lin was this winter's blockbuster.

One- A good film. Jeremy Lin played great, had he been just a 12 points, and 6 assists guy, he would just be a folk hero. But he was like Shawshank Redemption, everyone just loved him. Well, almost everyone.

Two- great publicity (trailer, trailer, trailer, poster, and reviews) Jeremy was the talk of the town, every media outlet was all over him. Is a case of the tale waging the dog.

Three - star power......this is not true, not anymore anyways. The only two real stars left in Hollywood that can open any movie, are Will Smith, and Pixar Studios. So, just like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, had no stars, and made a boat load of money, so was the Jeremy Lin story. They tried to get Carmelo Anthony in there, but his balls were hurting.

Four- release date! You can have all the other three parts in lock down, but if you don't hit on your release date, you are doom. You don't see any Christmas movies coming out in the middle of Summer do you? True story, the Keanu Reeves movie Hard Ball, where he takes on the new formula of white man helps the minority (ie Dangerous Minds (okay, white woman), The Principal, Avatar, Glory, Last Samurai, Mighty Ducks (actually Emilio Esatavez is Mexican, and he was helping white kids)) Anyways, Hard Ball is a terrible movie, Keanu Reeves teaches some kids from a rough part of Chicago how to play baseball, and they all hug at the end or something. Well, that movie made a lot of money, and the reason came out the week after 9/11. The nation needed a feel good story, and there it was. And the Jeremy Lin story, a feel good story, comes out right after the Super Bowl. When sports are in a dead zone. Had he done his thing the weeks of NFL playoffs, forget about it. He would had been a nice story, but he would had been bury under the feet of this nation's master, Football.

*random thoughts about the NBA, and other chitz.

*would love for San Antonio to get one last title, there last hoorah. And then Tim Duncan, my all-time favorite basketball player can call it a career.

*I don't fear the Bulls, they are Derrick Rose, and a cast of guys.

*I hate it, but Miami is win it all. And this will not change all that much the perception of LeBron James. He had to get D-Wade, and Lizard Man's help to win a title.

*Thunder though, they could really, really, really do it.

*LA Lakers, RIP, you will not be missed.

*Boston Celtics, RIP, you will not be missed.

*I had an idea for a really funny joke, now I can't remember it. But it was something about a funnel cake........

*Slam dunk contest, featuring.........who? No, really, who? I have no idea.

*for what is worth, it was great watching the Knicks play last Sunday, in the afternoon, in a game that actually mattered. Can't remember doing that in a really long time.....but what about me, and the Knicks?

Bonus time.

I was told about this recently, and I found it very funny. A guy brought a home made cartoon. First panel...guys walks into his house, really, really upset. He says "I can't believe my wife is having sex with my best friend!" second panel it shows the wife having sex with a dog. How can you not find that funny?

No time to proof-read, so who knows if any of this made any sense.

Posted on: January 8, 2012 10:38 pm

The Tebow hate.

Its funny how much people dislike Tim Tebow. I can never find myself being a fan of his, since he is a Gator, and he is not a Packers. if he was a Packer, I could forgive him. But, I can not hate on him. it is the media that drives the whole religion angle. Really, it is. They ask him, and egg him on it. They cut to shots of him praying, by himself. And then they spend 20 hours talking about him. But, what does Tim Tebow do? He credits his teammate, he works his butt off, and lives a good life. As far as we all know, he hasn't hurt anyone. All the accounts you read, and hear about him, is about what a great guy he is. So why hate on him? It is atheists that hate on him for being a Christian? Then that is your problem, I haven't heard him say that he hates you. Lets think now, would we want our kids to grow up to be like Tebow, a guy that doesn't get in trouble, works his butt off, and gives it his best every time. Or would we want our kid to be a like Chris Henry? You may say those are extreme. But those are, or were real people. I am not rooting for Tebow to win against the Patriots, okay I am, because it is the Patriots, and only NE people like them. But I can safely say I will never be a fan of his, I will never hate on a guy that gives it his all on the field, is not a glory hog, and stands for what he believes. whether that makes him less popular or not. The media is the one over exposing him. I haven't heard about him calling a press conferences, or starting is stupid ass reality tv shows. He goes about his business. And then the media covers him 24/7. What can he do? Anyways, best of luck to the Broncos the rest of the way. Would love for them to beat the Patriots, but I highly doubt it, unless.......unless.....there is Tebow magic. Until next time guys, I love you all.
Posted on: February 21, 2011 10:12 pm

the customer isn't always right.

First off, I say uck it, there is nothing good on the tv set, and I feel like writing. Because as you may know, everything that comes out of my fingers is genius. If you think not, then you are calling my mom a liar, and that is one thing she is not, because the judge told her if he caught her lying one more time, she would in contempt. Anyways, Let us get to the real stuff, the blog.

In sports you hear the phrase "if you do what the fans want, you will end up sitting with them". And I for one, will admit that there are a lot of dumb fans in the world. Especially if they don't agree with me. But anyways, fans will go crazy after one loss, and will think is the end of the world if this or that happens. There are some that a sensible, and understand that it is a process, and it takes a lot of moving parts to make a winning team. But, having said that, lets get back to the part where if you do what the fans want, you will end up sitting with them.

In pretty much any business in the world, the business tries their best to make sure that the customers gets what it wants. And for teams, well, the fans are the customers. Teams are not rock bands, that can say "hey, this is my art, and if you don't like it, that tough". Teams want to make money, and we all know they are greedy as they come. So, why don't teams listen just a little to the fans. I am not saying to do all, and everything that the fans want, but come on, throw them a bone man. Why not have suggestions in the websites? I don't know, some ramblings. Go see Sucker Punch it looks fun. Also, I think my next dog will be a St. Benard, I want a really big one, so I can ride him around NYC, like he is a horse! Also, don't ever practice the game of Russian roulette. That's a game best to just jump into. uck it, I am not proofreading this load of junk.
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