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Poor Poor ex NFL players.

Posted on: May 7, 2012 7:15 pm
So, we are told that the NFL finds itself at a crossroad. That the end could be just around the corner. All this comes from the increasing law suits placed against the NFL by former players (even punters are in). Now, I have seen former players from the 60's and 70's being reduced to mere shadows of their former self's. And it is sad, it is. But one thing, above all else is the key to this whole deal. And that is, you can take the horse to the water, but you can't make it drink it. I have zero doubt, zero that if you were to travel back in time, and told each and every single player that is looking for a pay day, I mean is suing the NFL, that if you play football you could end up with major brain injuries, NONE would stop playing. You could name all the side effects of playing football, like a medicine commercial for erectile dysfunction, something like "playing football may cause, short term memory loss, Alzheimer, Parkinson's disease, depression that could lead to suicide, erectile dysfunction, and butt leakage". And yet, all the players would still suit up and go out there. You have Free Will. If you think that is a good idea to jump of a plane, and the parachute doesn't open. That is your fault for taking on that activity. I mean, did they really think that blacking out, and feeling all funny in the head, over, and over again would be okay? Is like all those people that eat McDonald's every day, and then get fat, and then sue McDonald's. Hey, you didn't think that eating a hamburger, and fries every day would be bad for your health? Here is further proof. When the Gregg Williams audio tape came out, all the outrage was over Williams wanting to hurt the player's legs. It didn't bother them that Williams also said more times, he wanted the players to go after the heads of other players, NOPE. The head is fair game, but not the knees man. It is a load of crap. I just saw Jamal Lewis putting on an acting show on ESPN. Pretending that he has short term memory loss. The concussion movement should find a better spokes person. The only thing Jamal Lewis should be speaking about is, the benefits of living in a safety house. Then there was a former Packer, that despite having memory problems, he can ACT IN A PLAY! Wait, I thought you are supposed to memorize lines in a play! He also stated that if you are a player, you have to stay in, otherwise you lose your spot. So, he admits that he would play despite being hurt. He didn't mentioned the team forced him to stay in. It is all a load of crap, pure and simple. I am very much looking forward to watching some NFL this season, oh, and if I had a son, you better believe he would play football if he wanted to.

Also, this whole thing is a lot of the tale wagging the dog. Don't forget that.
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